My practice has, and probably always will be, somewhat eclectic with regard to subject (and sometimes object) matter and I tend to paint (mostly oil), or make, whatever moves me in the moment. That 'moment' however can often last for some time until one's research and engagement with whatever the 'moment' has revealed and has been exhausted through the work. My process of working is that of the use and manipulation of materials, painting, drawing, making and experimenting, each work feeling like an empirical exercise, not quite knowing what to expect.
There has been much said about artists being recognised by their 'language' and 'signature', I'm not sure that I've ever had one, or both, or even that I desire them, I think, arguably, that an artist just makes marks on, and with, whatever moves him/her in that 'moment' of interest as, and when, it occurs and without any concerns about whether or not the effort resembles previous works in style or process. We all do, as artists, have our own ways and methods of working of course and as a consequence our 'stylistic' output does differ greatly, just as one flower differs from another, but to my mind, what is important is that each of us ( as visual artists ) continue to find interest enough in 'that moment' to compel us to express that interest in whatever creative way we can and to manifest 'it' in a visual capacity. Sometimes the interest is short lived, at others it can last months or even years but in any event any effort must be accompanied by integrity of intention, with purpose and meaning and a sense of inquiry be the subject fleeting or quotidian or deep and profound.
It matters little to me that my work would be considered as a 'Geoff. Green', what does matter to me is that any prospective viewer of it derives some sense of visual pleasure or interest at least and at best that it promotes some sort of dialogue or discussion as a consequence of viewing.
I'm absolutely an unknown soldier among an army of artists and arguably, tragically, a great deal of fine work will probably never be generally seen, just as some of the finest music will never be widely heard.

G.R.Green, artist and musician currently working in the city of Lincoln UK.
Born in Cleethorpes Lincolnshire, studied at Grimsby Art College. 1995-1997.
Undergraduate of Hull school of Painting (ULH.) 1997-2000.
M. A. Fine Art from Lincoln University 2016-2018.
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